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Sunday, Sept 23rd, Yoga for Peace in Chicago

Posted by lotushands on 2007.09.20 at 20:22
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On Sunday, September 23rd at 9am people will be gathering in downtown
chicago to line up our yoga mats on the sidewalk and do 9 sun
salutations in the name of peace!

Here are some of the details:

Thank you for being so patient with us about the Global Mala Chicago
details. To tell you the truth, we are still in communication with the
City to get their "stamp of approval" but I have enough information to
help us find each other for this powerful gathering, and if we have
any more details, we will send you an email, or visit
www.globalmalachicago.info for updated information.

The UN Days of Peace is a world-wide event where spiritual practices
are observed for peace and non-violence. This global practice is meant
to demonstrate the power of prayer and spiritual practices in
promoting peace and preventing violent conflict. These worldwide
spiritual observances will also help raise the public awareness of the
International Day of Peace and directly support the establishment of a
global cease-fire.

This is also opportunity for the yoga community collectively to raise
awareness and funds for organizations committed to peaceful and
positive change in our world. Chicago's funds will directly support
Trees for the Future, War Child, and Youth Aids. Please pass on the
information to communities where you are involved.

This is a universal practice and we welcome all Yogis, Activists,
Artists, and Humans BEING FOR PEACE, of all ages and abilities. We
invite you to cross the borders of your yoga mat, yoga studio, style
and form of yoga to create a mile of yoga… we need at least 400

Here are a few guidelines to help you enjoy this yoga experience of
community, inspiration, and hope:

* Please check-in at Michigan Avenue and Jackson Street, on the
south/east corner. The Global Mala Committee will be wearing light
blue tee shirts, and will direct you where to put down your mat.

* Please arrive early, by 8:40am in order to get settled, quiet
and ready to begin.

* Since one of our concerns for change is the environment,
consider taking public transportation, walking, biking or carpooling.
There are several buses on Michigan Ave.; there is a Jackson Street
stop on Blue and Red lines, just walk east. If you do drive, there are
several city parking lots, including Millenium Park. There is also
meter parking along Columbus Avenue, which is east of Michigan Ave.
* You may be doing a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes.

* There will be two Block Captains for every 30-50 yogis. Please
listen to their direction, as we are trying to be as organized and
efficient as possible. There will be yoga teachers interspersed
throughout the line.

* Please be ready to step out of your shoes and onto your mats. We
are not setting up lockers or storage during the practice, so you will
be responsible for your personal belongings. Please bring only what
you consider necessary.

Once we are assembled, we will chant OM three times. This is a
prayerful practice for peace and positive change. We will generate a
vibration for the world with our breath and body, along with thousands
of yogis around the planet. You may also want to create a personal
intention for the practice for your individual transformation, for a
friend or family member, as a prayer to activate or inspire your
personal growth, healing, fertilization of a hope or dream, for
forgiveness, dedication to the Source...what moves YOU??

We will be offering 9 Surya Namaskars: six (6) Sun Salutation A and
three (3) Sun Salutation B. This will be symbolic of the 108 full
mala, so that all people, all ages, and variety of abilities can
complete it.

Kenny Mazursky will be keeping the pace for our ritual Yoga Mala by
striking the Earth Gong to signal an inhalation/exhalation or movement
of Surya Namaskar. It will be a slow, non-rushed and meditative pace.
Please do your best to stay as synchronized as possible. Notice the
person in front or behind. Feel the power of moving together. It is
also a visual witness of the graceful and powerful practice to those
watching. There is a good chance that those furthest from the Gong
will not hear it, so loosly follow the pace of those in front you.
The result will be a wave of synchronized movement.

Please also feel free to make any variations and adjustments that make
the Yoga Mala as safe and enjoyable as possible. You may skip the
vinyasas, and just move to downward facing dog. Other common
variations include:
- Bent knees in the forward fold.
- Knees-down chaturanga, knees-chest-chin chaturanga, or cat's breath
instead of chaturanga.
- Cobra or cat's breath instead of upward facing dog.
- Bent-knee downdog or child's pose instead of downdog.
- Malasana or child's pose are always good resting positions.

After the Mala, we will move to the Fine Arts Building at 410 S.
Michigan Avenue, on the second floor in Tango Chicago.

Although the forecast for Sunday Sept 23rd is "sunny and in the 80's"
our rain-out contingency plan is to gather in the Fine Arts Building
on the second floor at Tango Chicago at 9:00 am for the Yoga Mala
ritual and continue with our program there.

Here's the program and what to expect:

Paul Weitz, Paul Fowler and their students will be offering SEVA
(service) of Thai Yoga Massage. What a treat!!

Lisa Weber will be leading a Children's Yoga practice. While children
are most welcome to the Yoga Mala practice, we want to offer a special
practice since they are our FUTURE!!

Devi 2000 will lead a Japa Mala: 108 repetitions of a chant for peace
and devotion.

LaDonna M. Sanders will be offering words of inspiration.

Lama Lopsang will conclude the event with a blessing.

Thank you for being a part of this global event. We will have a
professional photographer and videographer at the event to document
for local news media and for the documentary that will be created and
produced with the other global events.

If you haven't already registered, please do so at a participating
yoga studio or at either Lululemon store. We are raising consciousness
and funds for peace and positive change, and our donations will be
benefitting Trees for the Future, South Africa Ubuntu project
(*changed from YouthAIDS, as this is a local endeavor to support
children affected by AIDS), and WarChild. We are asking for a
suggested donation of $18, but any auspicious amount ($27, $54, $108,
$1008!!) would greatly make a difference. Please make checks out to
NAMASKAR, and send to Namaskar, 3946 N. Southport, Chicago, IL 60613.
We will be writing one check to each organization on behalf of the
Chicago Yoga Community.

Please contact me with any questions, thoughts of ideas.

BE peace,
Lourdes and the Global Mala Committee

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