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Connecting Chicago

Chicago Spiritual and Trance Events
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This is a new community, created and moderated by Glenda Nitefly, aka soul_in_flames. The goal is to promote events in the Chicago area, mostly focussing on trance dance and spirituality. Posting is members-only. I trust my members to post whatever they think would be interesting to us, but I may occasionally delete something that I find not to be useful. If you think you may want to post, please actually join the community, becaue just adding it to your friends will not give you posting access, but just make you a "watcher".

Posts are open for everyone to see, so, please be careful with sharing persoal info on entries and comments. Small parties and semi-private events will be posted for friends only.

The name of the community is in Angelish, a magickal language by John Sacelli.

For more on Glenda, more events, and more networking, also check out Tribe